Tech runners compete in NCAA South Regional Friday in Florida

Tech runners compete in NCAA South Regional Friday in Florida

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COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Tech cross country teams will be racing against some of the premier collegiate teams in the nation Friday when they compete in the NCAA South Regional in Tallahassee, Fla.

The meet, which will be hosted by Florida State University, will feature several of the Top 10 ranked teams in the nation. The women will run a 6K course, breaking from the starting line at 8:30 a.m. EST at the Apalachee Regional Park. The men’s event, a 10K race, begins at 9:15 a.m. EST.

Senior Beth Miller and junior Rebecca Cline have paced the Tech women’s team during the 2012 season, with Miller setting the pace in the first half of the year and Cline coming on to lead Tech over the second half.

Miller led Tech in meets at Alabama-Huntsville and Vanderbilt to open the year, and again in the TTU Invitational, the fourth meet of the schedule. She was second on the squad in the other three meets when Cline was the team’s front-runner.

Cline paced the Golden Eagles at the Louisville Invitational in the third meet of the year, and has been the front-runner for the Golden Eagles in the lat two meets. She was second on the team behind Miller in the other three races.

Several different runners have filled the remaining positions in Tech’s scoring column. Meghan O’Donoghue was the team’s third-fastest in four meets, with freshman Landry Loving taking over the third-spot in the final two meets. Others who have finished among Tech’s top seven include Kathryn Forbes, Amelia McCoy, and Peri Winborne.

Every member of the team has run the longer, 6K race during their Tech career. Forbes, Loving, Miller, Mitchell and O’Donoghue have all set their career-best times at that distance this season.

For coach Tony Cox’s men’s team, five of his runners have competed over a 10K distance while three Tech runners will be challenged at that pace for the first time in their Golden Eagle career.


Like the women’ team, different runner have filled different roles this season for the Tech men’s squad, with three runners pacing the team during its six events.

Matthew Bishop led Tech in the first two meets of the year and the last, the OVC Championships. He was either second or third on the team in the other three meets. Mike Mahan grabbed the lead position in two meets, and placed third or fourth on the team the other four races. Sterling Smith is the third Golden Eagle to set the pace, leading Tech at the Berry Invitational while finishing second or third in the other five outings.

Daniel Francis, Kolbe Andrzejewski, Charlie Jordan and Adam McLeod have been in Tech’s other scoring positions in every meet. For Francis, Jordan and Andrzejewski, the meet Friday will be their first tour of a 10K distance.

Complete results will be available on the website when they become available Friday.