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Staff Directory

University President's Office

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Philip Oldham University President 931-372-3241

Athletic Director's Office

Name Title Phone Email
Mark Wilson Director of Athletics 931-372-6306 MWilson@tntech.edu
Kim Nash Executive Staff Assistant to the Athletics Director 931-372-6306 KNash@tntech.edu

Academic Support

Name Title Phone Email
Lance Jasitt Assistant Athletic Director for Academics and Student Welfare 931-372-3943 LPJasitt@tntech.edu
Marilyn Borch-Jensen Administrative Associate for Academic Advisement 931-372-3943 MBJensen@tntech.edu
Leveda Dexter Senior Academic Advisor lbirdwell@tntech.edu
Ashlee Kiser Academic Advisor 931-372-3153 akiser@tntech.edu
Virginia Lewis Academic Coordinator 931-372-6248 vlewis@tntech.edu

Athletic Development

Name Title Phone Email
Matthew Pope Associate A.D. for Development 931-372-3929 MPope@tntech.edu
Kristie Phillips Director of Annual Giving/Stewardship 931-372-6857 KPhillips@tntech.edu

Business and Personnel

Name Title Phone Email
Tammie McMillan Associate Athletic Director/SWA 931-372-3944 TMcMillan@tntech.edu
Patrena Hicks Administrative Associate 931-372-3942 PHicks@tntech.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Frank Harrell Associate Director of Athletics for Sports/Compliance and Director of Compliance 931-372-3939 FHarrell@tntech.edu
Mandy Thatcher Coordinator of Compliance/Special Events 931-372-3949 AMiller@tntech.edu
Nancy Greene NCAA Certification Analyst 931-372-6260 NGreene@tntech.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Tony Ramirez Athletics Equipment Coordinator 931-372-3960 tramirez@tntech.edu

Facilities and Events

Name Title Phone Email
Matt Dexter Senior Facilities and Events Coordinator 931-372-3945 mmdexter@tntech.edu
Cody Sircy Facilities and Events Coordinator 931-372-6293 csircy@tntech.edu
Seth Bruton Facilities and Events Coordinator 931-372-3916 sbruton@tntech.edu
Will Copeland Facilities and Events Coordinator 931-372-3916 wtcopeland@tntech.edu

Faculty Athletics Representative

Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Roberts Faculty Athletics Representative 931-372-3365 JJRoberts@tntech.edu

Marketing and Corporate Sales

Name Title Phone Email
Allison Boshears Marketing and Promotions Coordinator (Sales) 931-372-3861 aboshears@tntech.edu
Jesse Bunch Marketing and Promotions Coordinator 931-372-3937 jbunch@tntech.edu
Trey Ralph Marketing and Promotions Coordinator 931-372-3669 tralph@tntech.edu

Media Relations

Name Title Phone Email
Rob Schabert Assistant Athletic Director (FB, CC, T&F, TEN/FALL) 931-372-3088 RSchabert@tntech.edu
Mike Lehman Sports Information Coordinator (MBB, BSB, GOLF, FB) 931-372-3088 mlehman@tntech.edu
Dylan Vazzano Sports Information Coordinator (SOC, TEN/SPRING) 931-372-3883 dvazzano@tntech.edu
Holly Weber Sports Information Coordinator (VB, WBB, SB) 931-372-6139 hweber@tntech.edu
Tom Hollander Video Production Coordinator 931-372-3293 thollander@tntech.edu
Jordan Ratti Video Coordinator / Creative 931-372-3883 jratti@tntech.edu
Willy Peterson Sports Technology Coordinator 931-372-3915 wpeterson@tntech.edu

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Joe Erdeljac Head Athletic Trainer 931-372-3934 JErdeljac@tntech.edu
Mike Brown Assistant Athletic Trainer 931-372-3934 mtbrown@tntech.edu
Chuck Cushman Assistant Athletic Trainer 931-372-3968 mcushman@tntech.edu
Adam Graham Assistant Athletic Trainer 931-372-3968 adgraham@tntech.edu
Randi Kaplan Assistant Athletic Trainer 931-372-3934 rkaplan@tntech.edu
Dan Redmond Assistant Athletic Trainer 931-372-3968 dredmond@tntech.edu
Tony Walukonis Graduate Assistant 931-372-3934 arwalukoni42@students.tntech.edu
Ryan Juarez Physical Therapist TTU/CRMC Golden Eagle Sports Medicine Therapy Center 931-783-2463 RRJuarez@crmchealth.org

Ticket Office

Name Title Phone Email
Sandy Zimmerman Financial Associate/Ticket Office Mgr. 931-372-3941 SZimmerman@tntech.edu
Kim Meredith Administrative Associate 931 372-3940 kkmeredith@tntech.edu

Athletic Performance

Name Title Phone Email
Casey Kramer Director of Athletic Performance 931-372-6278 CKramer@tntech.edu
Matt Hewett Student Support Associate/Assistant Coach 931-372-6234 mhewett@tntech.edu
Matt Marseille Graduate Assistant


Name Title Phone Email
Matt Bragga Head Coach 931-372-3925 mbragga@tntech.edu
Justin Holmes Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 931-372-6546 jmholmes@tntech.edu
Derek Weldon Assistant Coach 931-372-6546 dweldon@tntech.edu
A.J. Kirby-Jones Student Assistant Coach
Larry Bragga Director of Operations 931-372-3853 lbragga@tntech.edu

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Steve Payne Head Coach 931-372-3950 spayne@tntech.edu
Rick Cabrera Associate Head Coach 931-372-3952 hrcabrera@tntech.edu
Frank Davis Assistant Coach 931-372-6115 fdavis@tntech.edu
Jason Taylor Assistant Coach 931-372-3951
Gus Fraley Director of Basketball Operations 931-372-3953 gfraley@tntech.edu
Mitchell Hill Graduate Assistant Manager
Debbie Turnbow Administrative Associate 931-372-3956 dturnbow@tntech.edu

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Kim Rosamond Head Coach 931-372-6292 krosamond@tntech.edu
Allison Clark Assistant Coach 931-372-3922 amclark@tntech.edu
Crystal Kelly Assistant Coach 931-372-3926 ckelly@tntech.edu
Melanie Walls Assistant Coach 931-372-6294 mwalls@tntech.edu
Aaron Sternecker Director of Basketball Operations 931-372-3927 asternecker@tntech.edu
Jessica Morgan Administrative Associate 931-372-3921 jlmathis@tntech.edu

Cheer and Dance

Name Title Phone Email
Jordan Benedict Spirit Programs Coordinator 931-372-3918 jbenedict@tntech.edu

Men's Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Wayne Angel Head Coach 931-372-3749 wangel@tntech.edu
Eugene Frazier Assistant Coach efrazier@tntech.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Marcus Satterfield Head Coach 931-372-3930 msatterfield@tntech.edu
Shawn Quinn Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator 931-372-3936 squinn@tntech.edu
Justin Rascati Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks 931-372-3933 jrascati@tntech.edu
Derek Carr Assistant Coach / Receivers 931-372-3932 dcarr@tntech.edu
Tyree Foreman Assistant Coach / Running backs 931-372-3199 tforeman@tntech.edu
Bobby Maffei Assistant Coach / Defensive Backs 931-372-3546 rmaffei@tntech.edu
David Napert Assistant Coach / Offensive Line 931-372-3931 dnapert@tntech.edu
Chris Polizzi Assistant Coach / Defensive Backs / Recruiting Coordinator 931-372-3914 cpolizzi@tntech.edu
Cam Wentz Assistant Coach / Tight Ends cwentz@tntech.edu
Sam Williamson Assistant Coach / Defensive Line 931-372-3935 SWilliamson@tntech.edu
Dontae Wright Assistant Coach / Defensive Ends / Special Teams Coordinator 931-372- dlwright@tntech.edu
Justin Matheney Director of Football Operations 931-372-3930 jtmatheney@tntech.edu
Price Partrick Quality Control Assistant 931-372-3930 ppartrick@tntech.edu
Debbie Parker Administrative Associate 931-372-3930 dlparker@tntech.edu

Women's Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Wayne Angel Head Coach 931-372-3749 wangel@tntech.edu
Eugene Frazier Assistant Coach efrazier@tntech.edu

Men's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Polk Brown Head Coach 931-372-3994 pbrown@tntech.edu
Carla Hazelwood Assistant Coach 931-372-3994 chazelwood@tntech.edu

Women's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Polk Brown Head Coach 931-372-3994 pbrown@tntech.edu
Carla Hazelwood Assistant Coach 931-372-3994 chazelwood@tntech.edu

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Steve Springthorpe Head Coach 931-372-6200 sspringthorpe@tntech.edu
Corey Boyd Assistant Coach 931-372-6226 cboyd@tntech.edu
Rebecca O'Shurak Assistant Coach roshurak@tntech.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Bonnie Bynum Head Coach 931-372-6552 bbynum@tntech.edu
Tiffany Baker Assistant Coach 931-372-6552 tbaker@tntech.edu
Bailey Dillender Assistant Coach bdillender@tntech.edu
Jackie Baird Graduate Assistant Coach 931-372-6552 jbaird@tntech.edu

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Kenny Doyle Head Coach 931-854-0569 kdoyle@tntech.edu

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Dave Zelenock Head Coach 931-372-3924 dzelenock@tntech.edu
Cassandra Joyner Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 931-372-3992 cjoyner@tntech.edu
Danielle Gotham Assistant Coach 931-372-3993 dgotham@tntech.edu

Women's Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Wayne Angel Head Coach 931-372-3749 wangel@tntech.edu
Eugene Frazier Assistant Coach efrazier@tntech.edu