Golden Eagle Jordan Brown selected to prestigious national goalkeeping camp

Golden Eagle Jordan Brown selected to prestigious national goalkeeping camp

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Tech freshman goalkeeper Jordan Brown has received national recognition, earning an invitation to the U.S. Goalkeeping National Training Camp in Chula Vista, Calif. The camp will be held Dec. 7-10.

"I think that this is a great reward for Jordan," said TTU head coach Daniel Brizard. "She's worked hard all her life. She's always had aspirations to be on the national team, as a lot of young goalkeepers do. I'm glad I could be a part of it. I think it says a lot about our national team and their selection process, that they're opening the doors to look at more players that aren't necessarily a part of the big-time, BCS schools. There are quality goalkeepers out there at all levels."

"Jordan came here because she wanted to train with me and really wanted a chance to play," added Brizard, "which she did this fall, playing every minute of every game. That experience accounts for a lot. You can go to a big BCS school, but sometimes you might not play until your junior year. So I think she gained some valuable experience in that regard."

The League City, Texas native capped a stellar freshman campaign with the camp invite. Brown led the Ohio Valley Conference in saves per game this past season, recording 6.83 stops per contest. Her 123 saves were the third most in a season in school history and second in the OVC. She also ranked in the top 15 in the NCAA in saves all season, finishing the year in a tie for 13th.

 "She's an excellent kid and a hard worker," included Brizard. "In the end, she might not have gotten the looks because of where she's at or her lack of height or something. The national team has started an initiative to open the doors for more goalkeepers. It's an exciting time because you're starting to see the underdog kids like Jordan getting called in and that's where they can go improve themselves as the country's best goalkeepers. We're very excited as far as for her, for us, for the program, and the school for the recognition. Now she gets to go to Chula Vista, Calif. and say that she's from Tennessee Tech."

Brizard shared his thoughts on the impact that training with some of the top goalkeepers in the country is going to have on Brown and what she can bring back to the team for next year.

"She has a great work ethic as it is and I feel this will just keep her going," said Brizard. "I feel as college athletes, sometimes they just get into this lull of training, then in-season training, then off. So I think this is kind of what she needs to keep her going through the break and into spring.

"As far as our other kids go, the entire team knows about it and they know she deserves it," added Brizard. "They realize how much of an impact she's been on our team this year. They're all rooting for her.

"She'll take nothing but positives out of the camp, no matter what the outcome might be," concluded Brizard. "Just the chance to showcase her talents will keep her working hard because she gets to look at those other levels of competition. If you're a struggling artist, you just need that one art show to kind of keep you going. Goalkeeping is an art form and this is her gallery opening. She gets to go showcase her talents and her 'art' and we're excited for her. She's excited and I know her entire family is excited for her. It's a great opportunity for her."