Retired Jerseys/Numbers

Tennessee Tech University has honored a handful of former student-athletes by retiring their jersey or number. The first retirements were the numbers 34 (Larry Schreiber), 53 (Jim Youngblood) and 90 (Elois Grooms) in football. Since then, the policy has been adjusted and the University no longer retires numbers, but does retire jerseys to recognize an individual's success and accomplishments.

Golden Eagle Jerseys that have been retired:

BASEBALL  No. 18 (David Mays)
 No. 23 (Stephen Kite)
   No. 32 (Earl Wise)
   No. 40 (Kenny Sidwell)
   No. 42 (Jimmy Hagan)
WOMENS BASKETBALL      No. 21 (Pam Chambers)
   No. 30 (Jerilynn Harper)
   No. 33 (Cheryl Taylor)
   No. 40 (Emily Christian)
   No. 41 (Angela Moorehead)
   No. 50 (Janet Holt)
   No. 51 (Diane Seng)


Golden Eagle Football Numbers that have been retired:

FOOTBALL                    No. 34 (Larry Schreiber)
   No. 53 (Jim Youngblood)
   No. 90 (Elois Grooms)





The retirement of an athlete's jersey is one of the highest athletic honors that the University can bestow on a student-athlete. Although the honor is based primarily on athletic ability, it also recognizes that the student-athlete is a member of an academic community and has the accompanying responsibilities incumbent with that membership.

Consequently, such an honor shall reflect the participatory as well as the non-participatory activities of the student-athlete. That is, the recipient shall be a model for future student-athletes both on and off the field/floor.


The following list of criteria is not meant to be all inclusive, although items A and B shall be considered as basic requirements for all candidates. Additional criteria could be considered if they seem substantive and appropriate. It is not expected that a nominee will have met every one of the criteria listed. It is expected, however, that any limitations in one area shall be counter-balanced by superiority in other areas. The criteria to be considered are as

A. Be the recipient of a baccalaureate degree.

B. Possess a positive public image.

C. Be named to a nationally recognized All-America Team, such as Kodak, A.P., U.P.I., etc.

D. Hold some type of All-Conference Honors for at least two years.

E. Be named All-Conference "Player of the Year."

F. Be a statistical leader in a recognized category as maintained by the Conference in that sport.

G. Be a statistical leader in a recognized category as maintained by the University in that sport.


A. The Coach, based on these guidelines, shall submit in writing with supporting documentation a nomination to the Athletics Director.

B. The Athletics Director shall refer the nomination with a written recommendation to the Athletics Committee, which shall have final approval of all such honors.

C. The honor shall be the retirement of the student-athlete's jersey not  his/her number. A coach may choose not to reissue a given number, but the retirement of the student-athlete's jersey would not in and of itself require that the number never be worn again.

D. It is anticipated that at the retirement of the student-athlete's jersey, an award ceremony shall be held and the jersey shall be appropriately displayed with some sign of identification.