Golden Eagle assistant Russ Willemsen participating in "Shots from the Heart"

Golden Eagle assistant Russ Willemsen participating in "Shots from the Heart"

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – For the second straight year, Tennessee Tech men's basketball assistant coach Russ Willemsen is taking part in the "Shots from the Heart" free throw tournament presented by, the Skip Prosser Foundation, and the American Heart Association to help create more awareness for the growing problem of Heart Disease.

There will be two 64-coach fields (one for head coaches and one for assistant coaches). Coaches compete against one another with winners advancing to the next round. To make the process simple, coaches will not have to actually compete against each other on the same court. Each coach would have to shoot 25 free throws at his convenience. A member of the athletic department tallies the results and the coach with the most points advances. There will be a tournament for both head coaches and assistant coaches.

Participants will have a two-week window to attempt their free throws. In an effort to avoid ties, the following scoring system will be used:

- Shots 1-10 are worth 1 point
- Shots 11-15 are worth 2 points
- Shots 16-20 are worth 3 points
- Shots 21-24 are worth 4 points
- Shot 25 is worth 5 points

The free throw champions will be recognized as part of the 2013 Awards Banquet in Atlanta, site of the 2013 Men's Basketball Championship.

In last year's competition, Willemsen converted 22-of-25 attempts in the first round, however, he would fall to Ohio State assistant Jeff Boals. This year, Willemsen connected on 21 attempts, scoring 44 out of a possible 56 points. He is currently pitted against Virginia assistant Ritchie McKay in the first round.

To find out how Willemsen finishes in this year's tournament, check for updates on Twitter. Follow @TTUGoldenEagles for updates on his results as well as all important information on Tech sports and the men's basketball team. To take a look at the bracket, click here.