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Tech teams up with Nike as men’s basketball vies for the OVC and NCAA tournaments

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Tech basketball and Nike have teamed up to launch a new way for fans to cheer on the Golden Eagles this season as they make their way toward the ultimate goal in NCAA basketball – the Big Dance.

It's called the Campus Roar, and it puts a phrase to the craze that is March Madness. A "Campus Roar" is a slogan, or mantra, that puts into words what the fans in the stands are feeling for the squad on the hardwood.

Beginning December 15, fans will be able to access Campus Roar through Facebook here, where they can select their state and a university to submit a roar for. On Tennessee Tech's personal page, fans can type in their own Campus Roar and submit it for consideration.

Come March, the top 16 Campus Roars will be turned into custom t-shirts by Nike for fans to wear as they cheer their teams on toward the NCAA Tournament.

Tell us why you love Tennessee Tech basketball, in 35 characters or less, and it could turn into the next Nike t-shirt representing Tech and the Golden Eagles.

*Roars may contain no individual player names, profanity or negative comments, and will be approved prior to release by Nike.

From this page, fans can also vote for their favorite phrases by using the "Like" button, and have the option to "Share" phrases with friends. Fans will also be able to choose any approved Roar and download wallpapers with the phrase and school logo to their mobile phone or computer.