Golden Eagle coach Watson Brown featured in Tennessean story

Golden Eagle coach Watson Brown featured in Tennessean story

Editor's Note: The following is a portion of a feature story about Tennessee Tech coach Watson Brown, written by Nick Cole of the Tennessean, looking at Brown's role in the football programs at both UAB and Vanderbilt, who meet Saturday.

Brown set foundation for both Vandy, UAB

Story by Nick Cole, Tennessean Sports

When Vanderbilt and UAB meet at Vanderbilt Stadium on Saturday, the person that should be most interested in the outcome won’t be watching.

In fact, Tennessee Tech coach Watson Brown is so focused on his team’s matchup with Indiana State that he didn’t even know the game was scheduled.

But that doesn’t take away from the time, sweat and effort the 63-year-old coach poured into both programs.

Brown spent 12 years at both Vanderbilt and UAB, and while the circumstances were unique to each place, the memories from his former players at each stop have a similar theme — the man knows how to coach an offense.

As a quarterback (1969-72), graduate assistant, offensive coordinator (1981-82) and head coach (1986-1990) at Vanderbilt, Brown’s offensive contributions to the program span across portions of four decades.

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