Football team keeping busy with Habitat for Humanity project

Football team keeping busy with Habitat for Humanity project

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Just a few days after lending helping hands at a local youth home, about 50 members of the Tennessee Tech football team logged another day of community service work, helping out most of the day Wednesday with a Habitat for Humanity home remodeling project.

About 25 defensive players and coaches got the project underway early Wednesday and worked through the morning prepping the home and applying wooden strips. After a brief lunch break, about 25 players from the Golden Eagle offense took over the project to apply vinyl siding to the strips, helping give a fresh, updated look to the home.

While some Golden Eagles showed expert workmanship and skills, for many of the players it was their first real construction experience. They learned quickly that simple tasks such as hammering a nail can present plenty of challenges, especially when standing atop a ladder.

"We did a project with Habitat for Humanity a couple of years ago, only that time we were actually building the house," said assistant coach Sam Williamson, who helped to organize the event for the team. "These guys were out here bright and early, and they're really enthusiastic about doing this."

A defensive coach, Williamson said the best work of the day was being done in the morning by the defensive players. It was a different argument in the afternoon, when the offense took over.

"These offensive guys are here to finish this up, and get the work done right," said offensive line coach Dewayne Alexander, who also climbed a few ladders Wednesday to attach siding.

Just last Saturday, about 40 football players spent the day at Mustard Seed Ranch digging post holes, installing fence posts, painting fences and other assorted jobs.

The team reports to fall camp next Friday (Aug. 2) to begin preparations for its season opener against Cumberland University on Thursday, AUg. 29.

A few photos from Wednesday:


Photos by Jocelyn VerVelde and Rob Schabert

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