Annual Purple-Gold Spring Game is Saturday, April 21 at 11 a.m.

The scrimmage format both weekends will give coach Watson Brown's coaching staff a chance to look at a large number of players who are hopinig to emerge into larger roles for the 2012 season including a handful who have moved to new positions.

"Spring drills are the most important time of the year for a team on the field," Brown said. "This is when we find players, and we've had a really good opportunity to look at a lot of players during the past couple weeks."

The spring sessions have also given the coaching staff a chance to take a closer look at a bevy of players who were on the team last fall but sitting out as redhsirts including 10 freshmen. Some of the players on that redshirt list who are anticipating their debut in the fall include wide receivers Steve Wilson [in photo] and Josh Pleasant, offensive lineman Justin Ivory, defensive lineman Avery Rollins and defensive back Patrick Prewitt.