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Watson Brown needs your votes for National Coach of the Year

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Tech's Watson Brown remains among the leaders nationally for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year honors, but voting for the Golden Eagle coach has slowed recently. He currently is in 14th place, and remains the top vote-getter in the Ohio Valley Conference.

Fans are allowed to vote once per day, so please add your votes to Watson's totals. Log on and cast your vote each day.

If you have a way to send this message to other friends (perhaps via Facebook), please do so and see what kind of support we can build.

Click here to go to the voting website

Once at the Liberty Mutual site, click on the Vote here tab. Enter your email address and vote for Watson Brown, then type in the code you see on the screen. You will NOT be sent any material or emails from Liberty Mutual unless you click the blocks specifically requesting more information.

Thank you!