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Brown invites fans to Insider’s Lunch each week, but reservations must be made early

Reserve each week by Friday at noon for the following Monday's lunch

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – What are you doing for lunch on Monday?

Tennessee Tech football coach Watson Brown invites fans to join him each Monday during the 2009 season at the weekly Golden Eagle Football Insider’s Lunch, to be held in the Eagles’ Nest of the Eblen Center.

While a season-long pass to the lunch is available for $110, fans now have the option of attending on a week-by-week basis for $10 each week.

The only requirement is that fans call by noon on each Friday to reserve a spot at the lunch, which will be catered by Chartwell’s. Fans can call (931) 372-3949 to make their lunch reservation for the upcoming Monday’s event.

“I think these will be fun lunches, and I’m really excited about them,” Brown said. “We’ve done something like this at other places I’ve coached and they were very popular. I think it will be a really neat time, and I think people will enjoy it.”

Brown will talk about the team, look ahead at the next opponent, and review film from the previous game.

“We’ll bring game film each week, and we’ll look at good plays, we’ll look at some of the bad plays that maybe cost us some yards, and sometimes we’ll put a board up there and I’ll talk through a play,” Brown said. “Then we’ll put the play up there and they’ll get to see it, and ask questions.”

The Insider’s Lunch begins next Monday, Sept. 14, following Tech’s season opener against Pikeville College and prior to the OVC opener at Eastern Kentucky.