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Purple Pride: Drivers can sport a new Tennessee Tech license plate

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – Drivers of all ages can show their Purple Pride in a new way beginning next year.

Tennessee Tech University is unveiling a new license plate in advance of its centennial year, which will be 2015-2016. The new plate design features the university athletic mark and a purple centennial ribbon on a gold background with a watermark of the athletics mark.
It replaces the current plate, which features the interlocking TTU logo and a watermark of the eagle from the university flag.
The plate will be available at the county clerk office after 1,000 are sold.
“The direct benefit to the university from these plates will help TTU serve and connect with our alumni as we enter our second century,” said Tracey Duncan, director of Alumni Relations. “To see that benefit, the alumni office is working in partnership with the county clerk to collect the funds.”
The new plate, which is estimated to be available in a year, will directly benefit the university. With the help of Rep. Ryan Williams, a portion of the specialty plate fee will go to the university.
All Tennessee specialty plates cost $56 each. In most cases, the $35 fee is split between the Tennessee Arts Commission and the Highway Fund, including for the former TTU plate.
To reserve a plate, visit www.ttualumni.org/ttu-license-plate. Please note that the $35 price listed on the website does not include the plate renewal fee due to the county clerk’s office.

In photo above:  TTU Athletics director Mark Wilson and Tracey Duncan, director of Alumni Relations, hold a mock-up of the new license plate, which commemorates the university’s centennial.