Adjustments to Eblen services designed to help fans find, access their seats

Adjustments to Eblen services designed to help fans find, access their seats

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Fans attending Tennessee Tech basketball games in Eblen Center this season will be greeted by streamlined services designed to help them find their seats, and keep their seats available for them.

The services include increased and improved ushering services, and specific entrance points for all seating sections.

"Each of these changes was made with our fans in mind," says TTU Director of Athletics Mark Wilson. "We understand that it may take a couple of games to get familiar with the changes, but we're convinced that in a short time our fans will appreciate these improvements and the gameday experience will be even better than it has been."

Fans are now being asked to access their seats through specific entrance points from the outer mezzanine into the seating area inside the bowl of the arena. Game management personnel as well as professional ushers are on hand to help direct fans to their entrance and their seats.

"In the past, there have been instances where fans just sat where they wanted because we didn't have adequate ushering personnel to coordinate seating," Wilson said. "That led to fans finding someone already seated in their reserved seat. They, in turn, moved to another seat, and that just caused additional problems.

"This system will guarantee that each fan will have their reserved seat open for them when they arrive," Wilson said.

The new seating system is also intended to enhance the atmosphere by directing all Tech students to sections reserved for student seating. Tech students will be seated in sections I (in the corner) and J (behind the visiting bench), with additional seating available in section H (above the pep band).

"The energy and enthusiasm that our students provide is extremely important to our atmosphere and ethe success of our teams, so we hope to bring all of that together in a stronger, more unified effort," Wilson said.

The gameday staff now includes ushers from Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC), all wearing familiar yellow "Event Staff" jackets or shirts. The CSC personnel are trained in light security and crowd management, and are on hand to serve and assist fans in a variety of ways, including locating and overseeing seats.

Any fans with questions about the new services or seating/entrance system can contact the Athletics Dept. at (931) 372-3940.