August 17, 2011

Fast, convenient, simple: Start following Tech Athletics on Twitter

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Picture this: You walk into a room where every square inch of the walls is covered in Post-It notes. These notes contain pictures and messages from individuals and businesses from all around the world. Now, look straight in front of you. Do you see that area of Post-Its that stands out from all the others? They're purple in color and contain all the information you've been looking for. They're neat, organized, and easy to read. 

That's exactly what Tennessee Tech Athletics is offering fans by embracing the convenience and speed of Twitter.

It's as easy as logging onto, signing up, and clicking 'follow' on the TTUGoldenEagles profile. To get messages sent directly to you, simply tell Twitter your cell number and receive text messages.

If you're able to read a text message on your cell phone or check your email, then you can easily follow the Golden Eagles on Twitter. From breaking news updates to photos from the sidelines, following Tennessee Tech Athletics on Twitter is the instantaneous way to get involved with your favorite TTU teams. Schools across the country are embracing Twitter as a way to interact with fans, parents and student-athletes. 

Take advantage of this free, simple service to get these benefits:

Click here for a sample of what we've done lately, but be sure to click "Follow" to get updates.

Tennessee Tech is dedicated to making this a simple and effective tool for fans to use, supplementing the many other outlets such as, e-mail newsletters, newspapers, and radio broadcasts. The difference with Twitter is that you, the fan, gets to interact. You can respond to stories and events instantly, share your favorite TTU memories, or just sit back and read our tweets.

With the recent addition of Brandon Goodwin to coordinate New Media for Athletics, TTU is making it simple for you to get in on the Twitter action. The video below will show you how to sign up and follow the Golden Eagles, but if you need further assistance, email Brandon at or call 931-372-3883.

The following video will give you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to follow Tech athletics via Twitter: