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Media Relations

The Media Relations/Sports Information office at Tennessee Tech University is one of the busiest behind-the-scenes departments on campus. The Sports Information staff coordinates and distributes publicity of all 14 intercollegiate sports teams and more than 300 student-athletes, and also works closely with all of the department's promotions and marketing efforts.

The SID offices are located in the upper level of Eblen Center, in the Sports Information Suite. It can be reached from the South lobby.

The TTU Sports Information Office, in conjunction with Presto Sports, presents official information on Tennessee Tech University Athletics at its official site, TTUsports.com.

The primary purpose of the Tennessee Tech Sports Information Office is to serve as liaison between TTU athletics' administration, coaches and student-athletes and the local, state and national media.

The staff works to facilitate the requests of TTU officials and athletes as well as print and electronic media in order to ensure the best possible media coverage of Golden Eagle athletics. The department provides a wide range of other services to meet the ever-growing needs of media covering collegiate sports, as well as to assist other information-seeking organizations and individuals. In addition, the department serves as the chief public relations branch of TTU athletics, keeping image a top priority in its dealings with media, fans and others wishing to learn more about Tennessee Tech athletics and its people.

The Sports Information office offers updates via the newest social media outlets -- Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and more. Tech's Sports Information office also coordinates web streaming of Golden Eagle events.

Sports Information Internships: The TTU Sports Information office relies heavily upon interns in its day-to-day operations, offering two internship positions annually. These internships are unique in that they provide a learning experience unmatched in college athletics due to the scope of the positions. Interns in TTU sports information are given the opportunity to learn every aspect of the profession including design and layout, publication production, writing and editing, web design and web content. in-game statistical work, photography, advertising, marketing and promotions. Anyone coming through an internship in the TTU sports information office will be well-equipped to move into any full-time position in the profession. Recent interns have moved on to full-time SID positions at such schools as New Mexico, Appalachian State, Xavier, UAB, San Jose State, Colorado State, Idaho and Texas State. For additional information, please contact Rob Schabert.

Sports Information 2012-13 Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Rob Schabert Director 372-3088 rschabert@tntech.edu
Erin Bean
Intern 372-6139
Brandon Goodwin Intern 372-3293
Mike Lehman
Intern 372-3883
Matt Wagner
Intern 372-3293 mwagner@tntech.edu

2012-13 SID Assignments/Contacts:

Sport Primary Contact
Basketball (men's) Mike Lehman
and Rob Schabert
Basketball (women's) Erin Bean
and Rob Schabert

Rob Schabert
Mike Lehman
Erin Bean 

Volleyball Erin Bean
Baseball Mike Lehman
Cross Country Rob Schabert
M/W Golf Brandon Goodwin
Soccer Mike Lehman
Softball Erin Bean
Tennis Matt Wagner
Track Rob Schabert


Mission Statement of Sports Information

The yearly task confronting the sports information department at Tennessee Tech is an awesome one. It is to provide publicity material and assist in the promotion of 14 varsity sports and more than 300 student-athletes (from around the nation and the world) to a wide variety of publics, including media, alumni, fans, parents, the general public and other university personnel, both within and outside the athletic department.

The task involves the production of media guides, gameday program, press releases, schedule cards and other material for each sport, as well as all information on the ever-expanding world wide web. It also includes the generation of a variety of specialized items, including trading cards, posters, radio spots, flyers, pocket schedules, etc. In addition, the sports information department serves as the historical reservoir for information on all current and past Tennessee Tech athletes, coaches and athletic teams dating back as far as records are available. This massive undertaking involves one full-time administrator (Rob Schabert), two interns, and several student assistants. The office also relies heavily on volunteer help in areas such as statistics and game management. The job has become increasingly challenging because, in addition to the demands of the traditionally followed sports of football and basketball, Tennessee Tech's athletic program has grown tremendously over the past 15 years with the addition of several intercollegiate teams such as women's golf, softball and soccer. In a larger sense, the task involves the maintenance and advancement of the public relations image of the university, and in particular the athletic department. The sports information department is as involved as anyone on campus in creating that image, whether it is dealing with a media from Sports Illustrated or ESPN, or answering a telephone question from a curious, out-of-state fan or parent. It is an image that should never be taken for granted, and it is one that is affected by every action of every representative of the sports information office.