Tennessee Tech University Sports Medicine
Catastrophic and Secondary Insurance Information

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We strongly recommend that each student-athlete be covered by medical insurance in the event of an accident or non-sports related illness. Most student-athletes are covered by their parents’ insurance until they graduate or turn 23.  If the student-athlete is not covered by insurance, the university offers a health insurance plan for a very reasonable fee. Insurance is not included in the University's fee. The Athletic Department is not responsible for securing medical insurance for its student-athletes, but strongly encourages each student-athlete to carry medical and accidental insurance.

Injuries received during participation in practice-related activity, as defined by the NCAA, will be covered by Tennessee Technological University after all private insurance has paid its maximum benefits.  Tennessee Technological University provides secondary insurance for student-athletes with a policy provided by the Tennessee Board of Regents.  The Athletic Department must have all insurance information for easy access prior to the start of pre-season practice. Injuries received during participation in practice-related activity, as defined by the NCAA, will be paid from the Medical and Insurance Account, from the Secondary Insurance or from the NCAA Catastrophic Insurance Policy after student-athletes insurance has paid its maximum amount.  Individual insurance will be utilized to meet the university's deductible.  As stated above, this coverage pays only in excess of any policy maintained by the parents or student-athlete as a group or individual policy. The student-athlete’s policy must contribute its maximum amount first, and if there is any shortage, it will be paid through the plan offered at the university to the maximum coverage provided. If there are any questions regarding insurance, one should contact a staff athletic trainer.

A student-athlete should normally use the medical staff affiliated with Tennessee Tech Athletics’ department, or medical staff recommended by TTU Athletics and Sports Medicine.  Any use of outside departmental affiliated medical staff may be charged to the student-athlete and not covered by the Tennessee Tech policy.  Prior to seeing any medical staff not affiliated with Tennessee Tech, you should receive approval from the Head Athletic Trainer in order to ensure that the evaluation is covered by Tennessee Tech athletic insurance. 

Injuries received during participation in non-practice-related activity, as defined by the NCAA, shall normally be paid by the student-athlete. Under special circumstances the charges may be paid from the sports restricted account, if approved by the coach and the Athletics Director.

The NCAA Student Assistance Fund may be used (for those who qualify and subject to available funds) for any injury or medication (i.e., athletic-or-non-athletic related), regardless of whether the occurrence is in or out of season, or practice related as defined by the NCAA.

TENNESSEE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY WILL NOT NORMALLY SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR ANY ATHLETE UNTIL WE HAVE ALL INFORMATION CONCERNING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE OR LACK OF COVERAGE!!  It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to keep the training staff fully updated on his or her primary insurance coverage.